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Endometriosis Pain

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis, often referred to as just “endo”, is a genetic disease that affects women and causes inflammation, pain, and infertility. The severity of pain varies from woman to woman, just as the severity of the disease does. However pain severity are not linked. One patient may have mild disease and severe pain, whereas someone else could have severe disease and minimal symptoms. Physicians and researchers have tagged endometriosis as "enigmatic", meaning perplexing or mysterious.

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Extreme endometriosis

Pain from endometriosis can be severe. Endometrial cells continue respond to the menstrual cycle and can thicken, grow, and bleed, and cause formation of blood-filled cysts. One of the reasons you will often hear the expression endometriosis period pain. The cysts that form can grow quite large, even to the size of a grapefruit. Endometriosis is a disabling and chronic disease. While there is presently no cure or prevention, controlling endometriosis can be attempted with treatment options in the form of drug therapy and surgery.

Current Research Trial

PRG has teamed up with board-certified women's health expert, Dr. Micah Harris and MomDoc. You are in excellent hands, as Dr. Harris has conducted well over 100 clinical trials and has been published in both the Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

We are looking for women to participate in the SPIRIT 1 research study to evaluate whether an investigational medicine could reduce endometriosis pain.

  • Must be 18-50 years of age
  • Experiences painful symptoms due to endometriosis
  • Has monthly menstrual periods
  • Had surgery in the last 10 years to look at endometriosis
  • Additional requirements apply

If you are eligible, you will receive study medicine and study-related care at no cost to you and may be compensated for time and transportation.

Learn more and see if you qualify.