Help with Post-Partum Depression – Clinical Research Trial Announcement

Many parents look forward to welcoming a new baby into their lives. But for the many mothers who suffer the effects of Post-Partum Depression, or PPD, that process can be less than easy. Physicians Research Group (PRG) hopes that a new clinical trial will make things easier for future mothers.

Post-Partum Depression symptoms include, but are not limited to, impaired sleep and appetite, profound irritability, and difficulty bonding with baby. Severity of symptoms varies amongst PPD sufferers. The condition usually commences just before or after the birth of a child, and can improve within a few months when treated properly.

Currently, treatment for PPD patients includes counselling, antidepressants and hormone therapies. Researchers are working hard to find a single therapy that can help everyone who is experiencing moderate to severe effects of PPD.

Paid Research Study Aims to Help Patients with PPD

To that end, Physicians Research Group, in conjunction with Metropolitan Neuro Behavioral Institute, is enrolling participants for a PPD clinical trial. This study is being conducted by a licensed and board-certified psychiatrist. It is a paid clinical trial for individuals who meet the research criteria, and there will be no cost to participants or to their medical insurance. If you are currently experiencing the symptoms of PPD, please complete our study inquiry form on this website.

Robert has over 12 years of clinical research management, business development, and healthcare experience. He received two Bachelor of Science degrees from Arizona State University in Molecular Biology and Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology. Robert is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and is a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the AZBio Association.